Math Practice Lite!





  • Math Practice : Practice Math!
  • Get to know math's four functions, using the convenience of your phone!
  • If you select the wrong answer, simply try again. There is no penalty for learning!
  • Practice math at your own convenience!
  • Answer quickly or answer slowly. There are no time constraints!
  • No obnoxious score to bind you!
  • Even though no score is kept, and there are no time limits, everyone is a winner, because they learn math the easy way!
Math Practice Lite! - Screenshots
Splash Screen
Math Practice Lite! - Splash Screen
Math Practice Lite! - Menu!
Math Practice Lite!- Add Two Numbers !
Math Practice Lite! - About !

Math Practice Lite! - Description

  • Use the latest technology to increase your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills with this revolutionary cell phone app!
  • This non-competitive math app teaches the basic four functions in a friendly and easy manner that makes it fun to learn math!

Math Practice Lite! - Features

  • Addition screen that randomly generates two numbers, each from 0 - 25, which are then added together. Three answers are shown, and player selects one.
  • Message describes whether the selected answer is correct or not.
  • User selects when to stop playing.
  • Vertical and horizontal play both supported.